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  • Next song we're learning

    This is the catchiest song I've heard in a long time. I think it will serve us really well for the next couple months! http://youtu.be/K7L5QByvXOQ

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    Seems a little slow and sappy for what you guys do.

    Did you mean to post a link for a superbowl commercial

    JAM Guitar Lessons. The Long Johns.


    • Opus Antics
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      Ha!  Same here about Happy.  Keyboardist and Bassist want to add it.  I know it's all over the radio, and mad popular, but if you notice, people get bored about halfway through the song and start to tune it out.  I don't think it will work live.  

    • Rocketking
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      We did 'Happy' a couple of times. Reasonable response but nothing special. To be honest, I never did like it myself but it's very easy to play and you can add it to the setlist without any real effort.  

    • jeff42
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      "Happy" by Pharrell Williams, we are thinking about trying to work up something with it. not sure yet though./

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    Great tune for both you guys' groups.


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      So did you guys add it to the set or not? I'm curious how it was received as I'm thinking about adding it to our set. Really great song but it hardly got any airplay in my country. It might not be worth the effort as I supsect it takes quite some practise to get it right.