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  • Fakebook app for iPad

    Hey, if anyone is using fakebooks and has an iPad grab this new app while it is still free!


    It has indexes for 20+ of the PDF fakebooks floating around so you can look up a tune and jump right to it if one of your fakebooks has it  . There is also igigbook that does this and more but costs $15  .

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    The $15 for iGigBook is definitely worth it.
    Real Book Charts


    • wesg
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      iGigBook is $15 now? Wow. I should see what's been updated, I haven't been using it much lately as I've been mostly jamming with rockers. I do like iGigBook, though, and I never take my piano anywhere without my iPad because of it....
      "just in case"

      I don't miss hauling around 3-4 FakeBooks "just in case".

      Thanks RoadRanger for the pointer, I snagged it so I can play with it this weekend.

    • RoadRanger
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      abassist wrote:
      The $15 for iGigBook is definitely worth it.

      What do you like about it over iRealB and Calypso Jam that makes it worth that much?