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  • Where is everyone?

    So - i left and came back a while ago - where IS everyone these days? I know with the 'new' forum a lot of people left - any idea's where they all went? Is there a BSWTB volume 2.0 out there somewhere? This place is a ghost town!

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    the gear page

    they really turned this place into a ghost town.

    Mission accomplished.
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      I don't know why people use Facebook as a new forum. It doesn't work the same way and the format is clunky. I have been hear for 17 years and still try to contribute.
      "Danny, ci manchi a tutti. La E-Street Band non e' la stessa senza di te. Riposa in pace, fratello"


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        Facebook's Cover Band Central is what appears to me to be the topic clone of this forum although like Outkaster states, FB is a piss poor format for forum discussion.


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          I really don't understand it and the way Facebook is designed things can go off the rails a lot easier the way replies are made there. It's terrible, even the Hammond and Leslie pages I like suck.
          "Danny, ci manchi a tutti. La E-Street Band non e' la stessa senza di te. Riposa in pace, fratello"


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            I used to come here more often back from '97-'07 or so. The 'new' forum really did kill 75% or more of the regulars, but I mostly stopped coming daily because I generally browse here during work and back then I had boring tech support jobs with downtime. Now I'm higher up the chain and am always busy. I still play in the same coverband as 10 years ago, still chase gear and tone, just don't get to chat about it as much!

            Also, it's kind of lonely in here too
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