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    Some of the frequent posters will know Ostrich Hat was a trio born out of the want to play more than the band i was in was playing and the fact that smaller venues were looking for live music. Some places so small that even a trio was squished in a corner. That was 3+ years ago.

    Now Ostrich Hat has grown from an acoustic trio playing background music to a Party Rock Power Trio and we are playing bigger rooms in the area and there are even better gigs waiting... if we become a LEAST a four piece. Yep it was pretty much laid out for me this week. We have been passed over by some places because we were a trio.

    So we added one of the new musicians from our New Project (see my thread about new project audio demo) but only for the bigger gigs. So as of right now Ostrich Hat exists in 3 forms:

    1. Ostrich Hat (the original trio aimed at smaller clubs/bars/restaurants) bass player /lead vocals, drums & guitar player/lead vocals.

    2. Ostrich Hat (4 piece aimed at bigger clubs) New bassist, Lead vocalist, drums & guitar player/lead vocals.

    3. Ostrich Hat (5 piece aimed at weddings, private parties, corporate events & casinos) New bassist/horn player, New keyboardist/guitarist/horn player, Lead vocalist/ bassist when needed, drums & guitar player/lead vocals.

    So my question is should we have the same name for all 3 versions or should version 3 stand on its own with a new name? I really need a way to market this easily and successfully.

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    Use the same name. Offer three configurations based on the need. The core is still the same.


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      Ostrich Hat. We have the perfect lineup for any occasion and budget.
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        Originally posted by StratGuy22 View Post
        Ostrich Hat. We have the perfect lineup for any occasion and budget.


        I do this approach with my group. Solo, duo, trio, full band. Let the client choose based on the requirements of the venue and event (and $$$, of course).


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          Originally posted by Howie22 View Post
          I do this approach with my group. Solo, duo, trio, full band. Let the client choose based on the requirements of the venue and event (and $$$, of course).
          Absolutely. We even offer event production and DJ services. Having a show that's scalable with the same name perceived value and the ability to manage things that directly affect us for a fee is good for us and gives us an opportunity to head off some of the things that event and wedding coordinators don't think of or don't seem to care about.

          We had one exception where we rebranded the duo act that was performing in the off months for considerably less money in small clubs to avoid/hide from the venues we charging a lot more. That was more about staying in practice really.
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            I agree with the others. One name. One act. Different sized packages and formats to fit your budget and/or your venue.
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              There's a black tie band out here by the name of Moment's Notice. Guess the guy that started it owns the name, but he'll provide any combination you want. He'll also provide as many bands as he needs for a night. (Think I've heard of three Moment's Notice playing on the same night at the same times.) I don't know if they still exist. (Not been looking for them.)

              So, by all means, use the one name for all configurations of your band.


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                My first thought, for the Wedding/Party/Corporate version, is that you'll do a whole lot better if you have a female lead singer up front, and a male, too.

                Other than tribute or niche bands (like an '80s hair band act) I don't think I've ever seen an event band that didn't have a girl.

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                  Female lead? not at this moment although we will not rule it out if we find someone that will work. Things are going decent already

                  We will have a reoccurring casino gig with the 4 piece starting in nov 2014. Then Once every 6-8 weeks in 2015 I was told with the possibility of doing it with the 5 piece after the new year.

                  We have 2 weddings booked in june 2015 already with the 5 piece line up and we haven't even finished our video demo or promo stuff. (hopefully that will be shot and done in the next 2-3 weeks)

                  right now everything is booked under the name Ostrich Hat
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                    You could call the wedding version, "Ostrich Top Hat". ... Yes, there's a reason I don't get to name things.

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                      Gotta admit that I love having at least one female voice in a group. Doesn't have to be the lead vocalist, but I love the additional material that having a woman in the group adds.


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                        Yes a woman would be great and there was/is talk of adding if we can find one and it pays to have an additional member. Right now... nope. And with that said, most additional material can be sung by a guy too if you approach it in a certain way... It really applies mainly IMO to modern pop covers. We have done many of them with the last two bands:

                        off the top o my head:

                        California gurls
                        raise your glass
                        bad romance
                        poker face
                        just dance
                        king of anything
                        take it off



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                          Originally posted by jeff42 View Post
                          And with that said, most additional material can be sung by a guy too if you approach it in a certain way... It really applies mainly IMO to modern pop covers.
                          I think it's less about whether a particular song can be performed or not than it is about the overall presentation of the act. There aren't a lot of all male bands doing well in the private event circuit unless they are really gimmicky or niched a tribute act or some such. There does seem to be a ceiling for such bands in certain markets.

                          There's a reason why virtually every private event band has a female up front and it isn't because they all love working with girls so much or because they really, really want to play more Gaga songs. Or even because they are all trying to be just like every other band that went before them. It's because it's become just a basic part of the lineup that's required and expected for a live band for certain types of gigs. Kind of like whether you're going to use a live drummer or a drum machine.

                          Not saying you guys need to add a chick. You do what you want for the reasons you want. Every band is different with different motivations and expected results and all that, of course. But I am saying that to the degree you're looking to add/subtract different members playing different roles simply to be able to easily and successfully market the band for different events and price points, there's probably no easier Return on Investment move to make than to add a pretty girl up front who can sing decently. For us adding each female was an automatic $1000-$1500 increase on our gig price. Since they each only get paid a fraction of that per gig, adding them was a no-brainer from a financial standpoint.
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                            I'm late to this party.. but I would actually advise AGAINST calling each band "Ostrich Hat"... especially if you're planning on doing different variations in clubs.

                            With Broke By Sunday, we've done that.. and it can create confusion, as people come out expecting to see the full band on an acoustic duo gig.

                            If your focus is in private events.. I suppose it wouldn't matter much.


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                              Right now going forward the trio is going to be called The Ostrich Hat Trio and the 4 piece will be "Ostrich Hat" We will be playing as a 4 man "full band" at most shows starting Sept 27th. The few very small rooms we have still on our schedule will still have the trio but that is mostly because of space not $$$.

                              as far as the 5 piece aimed at weddings, privates and so on we are still not sure. Honestly that is going to be on the back burner for at least the next month or so. We hit a few snags and havent been able to get the promo stuff done yet.