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Video from a show in Cripple Creek, Colorado

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  • Video from a show in Cripple Creek, Colorado

    Just sharing a video from last week's show in Cripple Creek Colorado. We had a great time ! check it out

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    Nice! I like the tune!

    And you gotta love a chick who can sing, chew gum, and play drums at the same time!
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      Link appears to be gone. I haven't been to Cripple Creek since the legal gambling started. Always thought it would be the town that would benefit most from gambling. (Hardest to get to.) I'd like to see the clip.


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        OK, link is back. (Might have been a Youtube problem.) Anyway, Exit West is where my MixWiz went and you guys look to be putting it to good use. Nice video. Was that outdoors?


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          The MixWiz has been doing great. We are very happy with it. ( it went to a good home ) LOL This show in Cripple Creek was outside, right on Bennett Avenue. They block the street off and it is one big party. We had a great time ! Glad you guys like the video. This is actually our first single released off of our new CD. It has been some local airplay here in Colorado and also a radio show in England has been playing it. We are pretty excited !


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            Hey, that's pretty good! But you guys (and gal) sound like a COUNTRY band, or something? Which makes me jealous, because my country DOESN'T, at least half the time lol.

            I was going here to type the words to the bluegrass standard "Cripple Creek"- one I'm familiar with because I used to play it with a banjo player friend in high school- and say that I'm sure it must be mandatory to play that one at a club named "Cripple Creek". But now I wouldn't be surprised if your band could do it.

            And actually, that was excellent. Great job! From one rookie to another!
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