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    Originally posted by guido61 View Post
    I don't know how he was tying in exactly, and I probably don't wanna know! But yeah... Those 1000w pars were killer
    My brother got to be real good at it. We had hired a buddy to be the light tech who had worked for awhile as an electricians apprentice. He hooked it up wrong and fried 12 pars and an ETA dimmer pack. Expensive mistake.


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      I don't remember any major mistakes---other than over-fogging the stage and having to rush the lead singer to the hospital when she got badly burned standing right over a flash pot once! That was pretty bad. During a show where we went on in front of a big crowd who just got done watching Quiet Riot. We were supposed to open for them (this was one of their very last smaller club dates just as their album was breaking huge) but it was their last stop on the their tour and they were in a hurry to get home and asked if they could play first.

      We played 1/2 a song....

      But our guitarist's little brother ran lights for us back then. Worked his way from our general roadie to doing lights. He must have learned how to do the electrical stuff from the light tech before him. I don't recall him having any problems beyond just dealing with whatever the various situations were with the different rooms. Worked out well for him though. He's now a top light tech with one of the big deal lighting companies in Vegas. Nice to know we set him on a good career path. One of those kids that I'm not too sure what he might have ended up doing otherwise.
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        Good Times !! )))
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