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2014 is looking slow for gigs for me.


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  • 2014 is looking slow for gigs for me.

    Anybody else?

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    Nope, shaping up to be our busy year in our ten year run. We don't do much for clubs however, its mostly weddings, corporate, and cabarets.



    • jeff42
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      we have lost a few rooms (they have shut down bands all together) but we have gained a few great gigs too. Over all though crowds have been up and down but a little more on the light side.Its not just us though its almost every band in the area is seeing this.

      Our schedule is filled until the summer and we have a few scattered in june july august september and one already in october. So things are good overall- we are still busy. 

    • dan88z
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      we're doing ok, a couple new rooms along with the regulars we have had. Summer is almost booked.

    • StratGuy22
      StratGuy22 commented
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      Our band is doing pretty good. We did lose one gig though, it's for a corporate party. The problem is, it's on the same date as our high school prom, which I provide sound & lights for. Locked in via contract, and I gave our guy the date back in sept. It was up to our guy to get ahold of their guy to book a date around it. The weekend after is booked by our band. The weekend before would have worked perfectly.

      This happened 2 years ago. For some reason that second week in may is the perfect storm. I was booked for a Bar gig, then Prom came up, and this gig came up as well. I'm Rob the Sound Tech, not Rob the Sound Tech Unless Something Better Comes Along. So the next year (last year). So last year I made sure I locked in Prom, and same with his year. It's a high dollar gig for me, and to become their annual go-to guy is a big deal for me. So I contact the grad committee in Oct and make sure they lock in a date. Then I can let everyone else know that date is booked.

      The company kinda dragged their feet and lost out on the date. It's too bad because its a blast to play and they always treat us well. We played their Xmas party and it was a blast as well. People are learning to book early, as its first come, first serve. 2 weeks notice for a gig?

      Forget it, I'm usually booked.

      Which is a good thing.

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    Yup... but it's slow here as well... lack of quality venues (we just had a major room close last month) and slow privates coming in. But I'm not sure how much of that is due to us rebooting the band in addition to a slow season. 


    Bars here have cut bands on Friday nights. Actually our top venue has (instead of uding DJ's) made Friday night a 'B-Band' night. They have gone and booked a slew of $300-400 bands who have been dying to play at this venue and what that has done is squeezed the calendar for all of the bigger bands in rotation. Even with a gauranteed draw of a few hundred people on a Friday they won't book us b/c they want to keep the budget low. 



    April and May look OK... but we still have a few blank calendar dates to fill. 

    so over this signature BS!!!


    • wheresgrant3
      wheresgrant3 commented
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      Jimi... I feel ya. I'm teetering on the edge. My youthful attitude and baby face hides my true age (I'm early forties but pass for 35) but I'm re ally one foot in and out.You made a brave decision and I applaud you. When you know... you know. In a year or two I may be right behind you.

    • guido61
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      Jimi! I wondered what was up with you...haven't seen you around here in awhile. I'm sure you made the best decision for you, or you wouldn't have made it.

      But the truth is I think you can hide certain things for quite awhile if you really want to. I see bands with 3 young girls up front who that's all the put in their promo shot. Bands who don't show the oldest ugliest guys in the band at all in their videos. There's a lot a ways to market around that sort of stuff...especially in the private event circuit where most gigs are a one time deal, and as long as you go in and deliver the goods, the client is going to be happy. Personally, I have no idea how much longer I'll want to keep doing this....until the gigs start drying up, I suppose. Right now I'm still having too much fun though!

      Best of luck in whatever you choose to do next though! Keep on rockin'.

    • Kevin T
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      You need to start an age neutral band like Country or Blues etc you can play with a walker & no one would care

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    Between my two main projects - I've pencilled in 6 tentative "private" bookings in the past 3 days.  In 4 out of the 6 - they're tentative because we're waiting on confirmation from all the band members that everybody is available.  All in all - this year looks like it's going to be a banner year for my 8 piece horn band. 

    The only hitch we've run into this year is that a local microbrewery / steakhouse venue that we had 3 nights booked at in January and February had a pipe that was part of the sprinkler system in the bar - freeze and then rupture - setting of the sprinklers in the bar and causing significant damage.   Two of our three nights were cancelled as a result because the bar area (a room separate from the restaurant dining room itself) was closed for repairs.   Fortunately, the repairs have been completed and they reopened this past Monday.   We're playing there this Friday night.


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