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  • Liquid-Foot+ 12+

    I've been working with a LF+ 12+ for the past couple weeks, and am very excited!


    This is a brand-new product that started shipping in early December. If you're familiar with earlier LF controllers, the LF+ 12+ offers way more than just the addition of per-button LCDs and an in-between form-factor.

    This is the most capable MIDI foot controller I've seen anywhere at any price. You get 50 "pages", each of which lets you assign all of the buttons to *any* function that the LF+ can perform. In addition, each button can have separate functions for a tap and a hold.

    One of the things I'm trying out is the notion of having each IA's button be associated with a page of "tweaks" - accessed via a hold on the same button - for the FX accessed by a button tap. For example, I have button 4 set up to turn echo on and off. If I hold button 4, the LF+ switches to a page where I can change the feedback and tap division; another button returns me to the original page with the IAs for all the FX.

    In addition to all of the per-page programming and navigation, the LF+ has presets, songs and set lists.

    You can connect the LF+ to your rack with a single 7-pin MIDI cable that carries power and bidirectional data, or you can use separate connections for MIDI in, MIDI out and power.

    The power supply is flexible: 9 to 12 volts AC or DC. A plug-in transformer is included.

    Here's a more extensive review:


    And here's an overview of its use in my rig:

    "There is no best in music."
    -- Neil Young, 1987

    My music pages

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    Is it better than the rjm midi mastermind?


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      Sorry, I have no basis for comparison.
      "There is no best in music."
      -- Neil Young, 1987

      My music pages