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Rocktron Xpression vs Alesis Midiverb 4


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  • Rocktron Xpression vs Alesis Midiverb 4

    I need to replace my old ART unit. I am looking at these two processors for basic effects in my guitar rack. Any opinions? Thanks Frank
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    I own and use the Rocktron Replifex effects processor which is the predecessor to the Rocktron Xpression effects processor. I never tried or have used the Alesis MIDIverb 4. The effects are quite useful especially the rotary sound along with the usual delay, chorus, and reverbs. I also like how I can use the internal mixer to run my effects in parallel plus the Replifex has a channel switching function to switch amp channels if your amp has 1/4" footswitch jacks to switch channels. You can connect a stereo cord to it to switch amp channels.

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      Hi, can any body assist me how to download this video tutorial from this web page, I have watched and listen it at this place but want to down load it.