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multi fx rack? input please


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  • multi fx rack? input please

    im thinking of getting a multi fx rack processor. I was looking into the tc mx350 and the behringer virtulize 3d 2000. Eventually this will lead into some kind of a midi foot pedal. An input maybe a better one. Also can you control either one with expression pedals? Oh and im not trying to spend an lot of money on this, basically i want something so i can have a few effects instead of buying multiple pedals, thanks.

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    I have a tc M300 in my rack, hooked up to a Behringer FCB1010 foot pedal via midi. works great. I use it mostly for my keytar (Lucina) to add some dynamics to the guitar sounds. I also have an xv 5080 in the rack that I can control as well. I've brought all the inputs and outputs to the front so I can patch and play etc. Still a work in progress though as far as setting it up is concerned.
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