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Rocktron Prophesy ii Updating Patches

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  • Rocktron Prophesy ii Updating Patches

    have a USB midi cord and both a mac and pc.

    downloaded the software posted Rocktron's "patchbay" .

    simply want to be able to have Rocktron's software upload the patches into the prophesy ii.

    i can open some of the posted patches from "patchbay" in the software but can't find a way to sync and save them into prophesy automatically ?

    since i can see each parameter, i just manually enter the parameters for each area in question, but that's a real pain and errors can be made.

    anyone figure this out so it sync the patches automatically ??

    any help greatly appreciated,


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    Did you figure out how to do this? I just got a prophecy 1 and have no clue how to download the prophesy II presets.


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      I'd call the support number to see if the prophesy i allows it.

      Prophesy ii has midi inputs that you can connect a USB to midi cord to.
      U have to download the software for a pc running XP.

      If your unit does this I've got an extra midi UNO cable I can sell ya for $30. It's never been opened and sells for $40 new.


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        Will do, I will get back to you soonest.


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          Do they have intelligent pitch shifting adjustable in cents?
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            If anyone has figure out how to do this, please let me know. I have a Rocktron Prophesy and I bought a USB to MIDI cable, downloaded the software and for some reason I cannot get the new presets to automatically upload.


            I don't know if the cable is the issue or if I am doing something wrong.