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    I am a newby and would appreciate advice on hooking up an EQ and effects board. I have a Mackie 1202-VLZ3 mixer and Behringer NU6000 amp already hooked up in my rack.

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    Am I missing some info that everyone needs to help. I'll gladly add whatever you need to the best of my knowledge.


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    Visualize what you want and play with it. Do you want to be able to sprinkle an effect, like reverb, on everything? Maybe not: perhaps you just want to apply it to a vocalist.

    The mixer has effects loops (channel inserts and the AUX send plus returns): you can send signals to effects processors and have them return into the mixer.

    A useful setup might be to use the effect processor looped to the mixer, and insert the EQ between the main output and amp, to be able to equalize the overall mixed down sound. You already have a  three-band EQ plus low cut on each channel.

    (You didn't mention what type of EQ. Like a stereo 31 band graphic or what?)

    Or you could put the effect box and EQ together between the mixer and amp, to be able to do apply the effect globally. 

    (If they are combined in series, I like analog EQ's before digital processors. Reason being: I want the bits of a sample to be fairly allocated to the shaped sound. We don't want to spend bits on capturing signals that we are going to cut, or not allocate enough bits to signals that will be boosted.)

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