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M.I.D.I. Data Storage / Library for older Digitech gear ( besides RpEdit) .


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  • M.I.D.I. Data Storage / Library for older Digitech gear ( besides RpEdit) .

    Would any of you folks know a good M.I.D.I. Storage device for older Digitech gear like the RP-1 , RP-12 or the Digitech 2112 Sound Processor ?

    I loved the RPEdit 2.2, but it seems to have draw backs and seems to be not that flexible especially with a Windows 7 system. It worked great with my older Windows XP.

    Can any one recommend a good reliable storage device to do Data dumps to save my patches and presets ?



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    I still use an old Alesis DataDisc that I bought new a very long time ago. It's a self contained, doesn't require a computer and takes up just 1ru in your rack. I still back everything up elsewhere but this is quick and handy when I need to to quickly recover or change sysex info on midi equipment. Here's one on ebay for peanuts:

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/Alesis-DataDisk-Universal-Data-Storage-MIDI-to-Disk-/130946070377?pt=US_Signal_Processors_Rack_Effects& hash=item1e7cfe7769
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