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Slant Rack for Soundcraft GB2R -16

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  • Slant Rack for Soundcraft GB2R -16

    I recently bought a Soundcraft GB-2R. All of the connections are in the back of the unit. It is 10 rack length but because of the connection it needs something longer like 12 u. Anyone have a recommendation for a slant rack taht would fit this board and have an open back for access. Several music shops were no help.

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    Depending on whether you are looking for a slant top case (only), or a pop-up style case with rack spaces below, you might check the offerings from Audiopile. For a case only, the 12U case for the MixWiz might work. Mark (the owner) is an active participant over on the Live Sound and Production forum, and is a good guy. I have purchased lots of cables and all my cases thru his business. Sorry I can't insert a link via my iPhone, but it is Mark C.
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      Son-of-a-gun! The link got inserted automatically. Mark C.