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How do I delete a posting?

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  • How do I delete a posting?

    I posted here but I think it was better to post in Recording - so I did. rather than taking up space - how do I delete a posting?


    Here's my current live setup

    Roland MGS64 plays back my sequences. I use 4 outputs to control: Drums, Bass, and two channels for all other sounds into my board.

    I am using (ready for this) Cakewalk DOS ... best live version of cakewalk I've ever used - and I own just about every version.

    My goal is to make all my midi files into mixed MP3's and then either use winamp or a dj software for playbacks maybe using a tablet.

    I also own a tascam 24 track digital recorder.

    Whats the best way for me to accomplish this task? Should I :

    Record my files into the tascam, mix, make a cd and then convert to mp3? is that the hard way? Can I use something like audacity?

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    Send a PM to a moderator, or to Dendy, the administrator. Mark C.
    "Good tools are expensive. Cheap tools are damned expensive."


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