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Anyone ever use a rackmount recorder?


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  • Anyone ever use a rackmount recorder?

    I am considering either a TASCAM CD-RW900SL or TEAC CD-RW890 recorder/CD burner. Are these any good?
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    I have a higher-end TASCAM and love it. Lots of I/O, great functionality. Can't comment on the ones you've mentioned.
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      I've used a similar Tascam CD model and they work great for recording lectures and worship services.  What is your application and what are you trying to accomplish?

      I currently use the Zoom H4n for recording now as it has way more flexibility than a rack unit with just as good results.  I like the portability and also being able to edit it.  CD's are not as common and becoming what cassette tapes use to be.


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        Are you using a DAW? I personally do not see the point to burn your tracks to a CD only to put the CD in a computer and copy the files into the computer.

        You could just get a Presonus or Motu rack mounted interface. Saves you a couple of steps.


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          My band has an alesis HD24 mounted in the FOH rack.  If we ever feel the need to record a show, or just a portion of a show to see how a new transition works or something, it's just a matter of hooking up 3 8 channel send snakes from the direct outs of the GL2400 to the HD24 and pushing record.  Drag and drop the 24 wav files into your favorite DAW and go to work.  The HD24 is a little bit out dated, but it still works really well.  AFAIK, no one has really come out with a comparable product since the HD24 was discontinued.