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  • ADA MQ-1

    Hi everybody,

    I'm searching to sell an ADA MQ-1 equalizer (the one used by Kirk Hammett from Metallica) cause I don't use it anymore and I need an income in order to buy a JCM-800 head.

    The "problem" is that I don't have an idea about the price of such that object. Well, I don't remember the price that I paid it by the time (I think 600$ if I convert

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    Man, I'm tempted to take you up on this.

    Problem is ... I run all my MP-1 presets with almost identical EQ already.

    Everything from a light blues crunch to all out metal is nearly the same, and even the solid-state cleans have the same EQ as the dirty sounds, except for the presence. I get all the tonal variety I need out of OD1 and OD2: just gains and levels, that's it.

    Everything also goes globally through a 31 band rackmount EQ. That one is set just the way I like. Whenever I tweak it, it always ends up being temporary, and before long I put it back the way it was.

    Basically, though I have a soft spot in my heart for that MQ-1 thing, and other things ADA, I would end up not doing anything with it; every MIDI preset would have the same EQ, which defeats the purpose of the flexibility.

    It would also be make-work: I'd start swapping op-amps in that thing, converting it to batteryless ...

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