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ADA mp1, Roland GP8, Roctron velocity 100. suggested connections

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  • ADA mp1, Roland GP8, Roctron velocity 100. suggested connections

    I play guitar and I'm running into a problem with my rack, I have an ADA mp1 as a preamp, a Roland GP8 as multifx and a solid state Rocktron Velocity 100 power amp.
    The Roland GP8 has both effects that should go before and effects that should go after the preamp, you can't change the chain of the effects but you can use the send return of the unit to add anything between the equalizer (and all the effects before) and the delay (and all the effects after).
    I'm having trouble figuring out the connections, I tried various configurations and this is the one that sounds the best and makes the least noise but it does reduce the gain of the ADA a tiny bit, not a huge deal.
    Would you mind checking it out and tell me what mistakes am I making? I might be using the wrong outputs, the ADA has line inputs and outputs, the GP8 doesn't have line input (or at least the input on the back doesn't
    explicitly say "line") but has line output.

    guitar -> GP8 in (input level: -20dBm, input impedance: 1MΩ)
    -> GP8 send (output level rated: -20dBm, output load impedance: over 10kΩ)
    -> ADA mp1 line in (??dBm,??Ω)
    -> ADA mp1 line out (+4dBm?,??Ω)
    -> GP8 return (input level rated: -20dBm, 1MΩ)
    -> GP8 line out (-20dBm according to the manual but it seems wrong to me, output impedance: 2kΩ, output load impedance: over 10kΩ)
    -> rocktron velocity 100 power amp in
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