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Please check out my Fishbowl project at Kickstarter. Computer+Projector=light show!


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  • Please check out my Fishbowl project at Kickstarter. Computer+Projector=light show!

    Hi everyone! A few weeks ago I started a little project to light our local coffeehouse shows. Now I've turned it into a Kickstarter project and I thought this group might find it interesting:


    If you know anyone who does live music or theater, please pass the word!



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    Very very interesting.

    A few concerns.... can you use your computer's screen to change settings, while the Fishbowl output stays on the projector? Don't want a Window popping up during performances.

    Can the effects' borders be faded away so it doesn't give the sharp edge-of-screen problems? Kinda so the effect doesn't have a cut-off at the edges of the projector's frame of picture?

    Otherwise, hellacool if you invest in a very bright projector.
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      Hi Bryan,

      Yes, if you set up your laptop with 2 screens ( as opposed to mirroring the screens, as I did in my video ) then you can have fishbowl on the projector but regular desktop on your computer monitor.

      And yes, the edges of the image are faded away so the effects don't cut off abruptly.

      Thanks for the nice comments!



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        50% funded now, thanks!


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          good thinking!

          multiple spotlights with various shades of amber and adjustable beam size would be cool for anyone trying to do a projector-only lighting project
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            Pretty interesting!
            God(s) bless the rest of the world(s), too


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              Thanks everyone! Fishbowl was successfully funded on Kickstarter and is now available at my web store: http://www.benloftis.com/fishbowl.html