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Help designing a small lighting plan for a live band stage


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  • Help designing a small lighting plan for a live band stage

    I have no experience with lights other than performing under them so I could really use some help here. I'm opening a performance space for live bands located in a music school. We plan to invest in some lighting and need help deciding what to buy. The performances will mainly be students performing for friends and family, but we rent to adult bands as well for showcases and the like. The room is a rectangular space 26Lx14W and the stage will be at one of the long ends, approximately 8Lx12W. The stage is 1 foot off the ground with a small drum riser another 1 foot up. The ceiling is about 12 feet above the floor.

    After a bit of research I plan to hang a 10' wide truss about 6 feet in front on the stage and another one about 3-4 feet from the back wall (wall will be painted black with a school logo above the drum riser). Then I was planning to buy some WIDE FLOOD LED PAR 64 cans to hang on the trusses, maybe 4 on the front and 2 on the back. I also may add one white spotlight to aim at the logo on the back wall. I'd top everything off with some wiring and a cheap DMX controller.

    Am I missing something or does anyone else have any suggestions about how to spend no more than $2000 to light up our stage? Do I need lights coming from the sides of the stage? Please if anyone has any suggestions don't assume I know what you're talking about and define any acronyms. Thanks a lot!
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    First, forget the expense of truss. Buy Versa Bar or Uni-Strut and lag bolt it directly to the ceiling. You can then bolt your fixtures directly to it improving the trim height of your lamps.

    I'd start with four Q- Sticks which are 10w Quad Diode strips with RGBW color mixing. They MAP at $ 299.99 - $ 1199.96 total.

    Then add 3 Puck Q6/A fixtures for spots. They MAP at $ 199.99 - $ 599.96 total.

    Use a simple Obey 40 controller that MAPs at $ 119.99 and throw in $ 50.00 for DMX cable and your total is $ 1969.91 at MAP pricing (you can do better on the street.)
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      That Q-Stick is pretty slick. I haven't seen this fixture before. Too bad they don't offer a DMX mode with individual control over each diode. But it could still be a very useful fixture... and at a decent price. Hmmmm... time to consider a new toy
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