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  • Chauvet Motion Drapes

    Thinking about buying a couple of these for the bands backdrop.  Any thoughts on them?


    Was looking at backing lighting being these plus 3-4 Martin SCX500 scanners and 2 Chauvet Scorpions.  

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    I own 2 and work with bands that own probably about 8 more.Had one fail on me a couple weeks after I bought it. Have seen them have a couple issues IIRC. It's cheap for what it is price-wise.


    It's great for what it is though. If you buy 2 so one failing isn't as big of a problem I think it's a really nice toy. It pretty much only has one real "look" that it gives to the band but I think it's a cool one. I'll try to put some pictures up of last Saturday's gig where we used 2 of them. They are plenty bright to compete with any lighting we've thrown on them.

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