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Finally a few pictures of my setup


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  • Finally a few pictures of my setup

    Ok so this isn't quite all my setup, a few pieces were the bands.

    4 Blizzard Q12+ for front/side lighting 
    2 ADJ Thinpar 56 maybe? mounted at ankle height on the side trusses
    2 Blizzard Stormchaser's mounted vertically on that truss
    Along the back truss are some ADJ strip lights, also some Chauvet PIX strips on the ground in front of the stage though I don't think you can see it in the picture
    My 2 Blizzard Ice60s are on the Subs
    2 ADJ Quad Phase lights on the outsides of the truss
    2 Chauvet Motion Drapes along the back
    Also had a couple dance floor centerpiece lights that the band hung, a couple lasers and of course fog (Huricane Flex 1800 under the stage so it boiled up)

    http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.538048712882424.123856.478984662122163&type =3

    Hopefully the link works, let me know if not. My page is public.


    Bar and band were crazy about this setup, it's got enough pieces to play with that I can come up with different stage looks for several of the venues we set it up in and use/don't use various pieces. Pretty happy with it overall though of course there are other things I'd like to add (like those Blade fixtures)

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    Nice setup, the eye candy looks great! 

    Have you considered the front lighting? On several of the pics the faces up front were dark.


    • samkokajko
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      Have you considered the front lighting? On several of the pics the faces up front were dark.

      There was a bar hanging with a few LEDs that the venue owned in front of the stage that we thought they were going to turn on but then they weren't able to for some reason and at that point we didn't have time to setup the additional light tree out front with a few more pars on it. I agree it needed a bit more out front to actually hit straight on. 

      Normally I have a few poles that mount to the top of the speakers just for front lights but because of the weird room layout the speakers actually ended up a few feet upstage of the singer so that wasn't going to cut it.

      We'll be in this room a few times a month so I'll defintely be putting up another tree in the future.

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    That is one slick looking rig.  Nice rig design.  I really like when people actually give consideration to backdrop/drape and put something there with visual interest rather than just leaving the back open to whatever the venue has behind the stage.  Backdrops with uplighting, LED drops like the Motion LED stuff that you have, whatever - it looks way better than nothing and adds another layer to your show.

    I'd think twice before adding the Blizzard Blade RGBW fixtures to your rig - they do seem like pretty sweet fixtures for large venues, but for venues that are going to have a shorter throw, the audience is just going to be complaining about them.  If Blizzard is your cup of tea, get some more Ice 60s and put them behind the band up on the truss, or on the ground depending on the venue to change up the look.  However, I personally would go for my favorite LED mover out there right now in the midrange product lines, the Chauvet Intimidator Scan LED 300.  Bright, wide beam angle to be able to actually cover more of the stage (or audience) with gobos, and a phenomenal gobo selection and super fast movement.  I think that people get overhyped about the Blade because of the intense narrow beam - this thing should really not be viewed at less than 25 feet, and is at that point still annoyingly blinding.  And on top of that, all it can do is change color & strobe.  No patterns, rotation, sharp focus, prism, none of that.

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      Yeah the more I see gobos etc the more I think the blades aren't for me.
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        Great rig...

        2 things that have nothing to do with you. That is the goofiest stage I've ever seen. Why in God's name would they cut the corners off? And "The Stars"? LOL...they look like they stepped out of 1985.