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  • Road cases for lighting

    What are people here using?   

    I'd like to find a case wide enough and deep enough to accomodate two sets of 4-LED par can lighting bars.  Nothing bigger than 5' across.  Really just something to provide more protection than the bags we haul the lights around in now that are resulting in the cans getting pretty beat up.

    While I would think this might be a somewhat common item, I can't seem to find ANYTHING online that fits this description.   The closest thing I can find would be using two of these:


    Anyone have any experience with these "tuffbox" cases.   They LOOK like they'd be sturdy enough but they also aren't terribly expensive.  Do they hold up well?


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    I bought a large keyboard case for my bar of 4 LEDs - 200Bs, but those aren't very deep. You might need to build your own, that is what we have for our par cans.
    My drummer has a tuff- box hardware case and it did not hold up real well. After a few months in and out of the trailer, the plastics rails (all the edge pieces are plastic) began to break. I took off all the plastic and replaced it with metal edging/corners and now it is a good, functional case.
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      Are they standard cans for flat style fixtures?


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        Standard cans.


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          Standard cans mounted on a T bar will probably require a custom case.