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Need to get a Chauvet LED Rain 38 fixed


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  • Need to get a Chauvet LED Rain 38 fixed

    A dipswitch is broke, I think.  It will light up "white", but nothing else.  Nor will it work with my Obey 3.  I've had them for at least a couple of years, so they aren't under warranty.  Do I contact Chauvet or someone else?  I'd buy a new one if I could find a cheap one.  Thanks!

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    My guess is that would cost as much to repair as to replace.
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      Mutha is probably correct.  A SlimPar 38 from Chauvet MAPs at $ 79.99, by the time you pay round trip shipping to chauvet ($ 30.00) and a half hour of bench time to determine the problem ($ 40.00) you might as well just order a new one.