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    I'm having a hard time choosing a DMX controller.  I was looking at the Obey series of controllers, which I liked for the fixture selection buttons, and was thinking of going with the 40 or the 70.  Then I realized that I would probably be adding a switch/dimmer pack or two  for pin spots/rain lights and strobes and was thinking that I'd really like to have  bump buttons to be able to hit packs when needed.  Then I thought that I'd probably also like to get into LED lighting where once again the ability to grab a fixture or group of fixtures would be handy. Now that I've thoroughly confused myself, I'm looking for suggestions.  I dunno.  Maybe the answer is two controllers for two situations; DJ and live performance.

    Side question while I'm here; I've got some DMX strobes.  When running them from a DMX controller one channel is intensity and the other is frequency.  Do either of those sync up the actual fire/flash and if not how do I make that happen?


    One more time kids; equalizers are not cross overs, vocal mics are not cymbal mics and pan knobs are not three position switches. As you were.