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  • Band Lighting Ideas.

    I used to be heavily into lighting, but sold nearly every bulb fixture I had and all trussing, well im getting back in to lighting the band, and adding, and wanted to know what you all thought of the design idea I have.


    What I have for rigging is one ADJ  crank 2 truss system, and it will work for us in every room we play height wise. That will go behind the band over the drummer. On this truss will hang the banner, 2 par 38s with orange jells pointed at it to illuminate the banner. 


    We also have 2 t bars up front, on one side I have one Chauvet Color Palette on a slow color fade, on the other side of the T bar, I will have 2 par 38 75 watt cans with Pinkish jells for face lighting.


    On the ground around the drums will be 2 sets of 4 par 38s for movement on stage.


    Any thoughts on how this should work?


    Down the road im considering 2 Blizzard snow balls one on each end of the truss for some more effects for more up beat songs.

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    Seems like it will be awfully dim to me.

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      Stages arent very big, mostly corners, not alot in the budget for lights, but always want to hear ideas. Any ideas even with what we have.