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  • Software controllers and other suggestions

    I'm in the process of upgrading everything and adding on to my rig.

    First of all, my current rig is made up of 8 crappy LED par cans across the back and 4 Puck RGBAs in front.  I run everything through an Elation DMX operator 192, which has been the only shining star out of everything I have bought, other than the Pucks, but even one of those failed (temporarily). 

    I recently acquired 11 more Pucks, bringing that total to 15.  I'm going to get one more so I can run 12 across the back.  I'm also planning on getting a truss going in back.  I currently have 18 feet of 12" triangle truss and 2 decent 9' crank up stands.  Unfortunately the guy i bought the truss setup from flaked before he ever delivered the parts that join the truss sections together...  I have no information regarding the truss, or the stands or how much weight either of them is capable of supporting, which is a problem.

    My plan is to sell the crank ups, t-bars, 3 other stands and the crappy par cans for as much as possible with the operator 192 in order to fund the purchase of new triangle truss, some better and taller crank up stands and a software controller. 

    I have a few questions i've been trying to answer with google searches and searches on here, but maybe asking will be better.  I want to see different ways people are attaching lights to a backline truss.  My idea is to keep sets of 6 pucks mounted to bars so they can stay dmx linked and power linked all the time.  Those bars of 6 lights would be clamped to the truss somehow.  I have looked everywhere but can't find any pictures of anyone doing this.

    The other question I have is if anyone has used the Blizzard Eclipse software in a real-world situation.  I've been tinkering with it now for about a week on my coffee table without the dongle, so no lights other than the visualizer.  It seems like it does almost everything I want it to.  It's really easy to program, midi mappable, and it has audio detection.  There are a few features that it would be nice to be able to control with midi that you can't currently, but hopefully that will come with updates.  Does anyone have any input on this software?

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    Griffin Stands? I like the 6 fixture t-bar, but i'm not familiar with the brand name. Has anyone seen these in person?


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      Never heard of the brand as well.  Blizzards software is great, they spent a lot of time developing it with input from many people.

      ProX truss mates with Global truss but costs less and would be my suggestion.

      For making Par Bars consider Unistrut.  It comes in 10' lengths and can be cut as desired.  Bolt as many fixtures as you want, pre-wire them and use one or two clamps to mount the bar to your truss.