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My pre-wired truss

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  • My pre-wired truss

    Can you believe the Station Night Club fire in Rhode Island was 10 years ago? A horrible tragedy that continues to define and dominate the way that clubs do business around here. I lost some co-workers (and relatives of co-workers) and acquaintances in the flames, and had some friends that managed to make it out. I did lights last night for a benefit show for a scholarship fund in the name of one such victim.

    While setting up, I took some pictures of my setup. My rear truss is made up of 3 5-foot sections of tri-angle trussing (LightBridge). I move these in a canvas bag with wheels on one side:

    Truss in the bag

    The 3 sections of truss are all pre-wired to make setup fast and easy. Data, power, and the wireless DMX receiever are all run through the center of the trussing with interconnects at each junction:




    I join each truss section and connect the wiring at the junctions, then put the complete truss assembly onto the stands. All of the cabling is zip-tied in with pigtails that hang out in just the right position for the lights.


    With the wiring in place, I can then just hang and connect the lights. On the rear truss I have

    1. 4 moving heads (Intimidator Scan LED350s)
    2. 3 pairs of spots. Each pair is pre-mounted to a small pole (2 Fab5s, 4 Q12As)
    3. 2 Chauvet 6Spots

    Each of these has 2 C-clamps on them:



    This creates a very clean and efficient setup. For lights I can go from load in to setup in about 15 minutes:





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    Nice work.

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    • skybluegary
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      Firstly, sorry to hear about your friends.

      Nice looking set up! I'm thinking about getting that truss, is that case the arriba 180, 185? Can you get all three truss sections and the two stands in that case?

      Do you know what size c clamps they are? (I want to hang two 4-bar type fixtures).

      How are you transporting the lights on the small bars?

      Looking forward to seeing the movers in action!

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    How do you light from the front? I'm on cell phone so I may be missing this...


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      Now that is an excellent little rig.  Nice job.  Excellent fixture selection and it looks like you know how to use 'em too.  I'm not sure what zoom your intimidators are at but if they're narrow, manually spin the front lens to make them wider to get more coverage for shorter throws.

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