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Triangle truss mounted with the point down?

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  • Triangle truss mounted with the point down?

    This is getting really frustrating for me...  I have racked my brain trying to figure out how to hang my Pucks (12 of them) from a backline truss without losing 2' of headroom.  The rooms we play don't have tons of headroom to start with and hanging lights off of a truss, you lose so much height.

    I tried mounting the lights upside down, on their own bar which is clamped to the truss with the truss flat side down.  Gravity always wins and even with 4 clamps per 6' bar, i can't get the lights to not swing down.  I think the best and safest solution is to mount the truss with the point down and hang the lights off of one of the top bars.  Of all the configurations I've tried (in my living room... my girlfriend is going to kill me...) this seems to be the only one I would feel safe sitting under.


    Where do I get stand mounts that will allow me to mount my truss upside down?  I don't know who made my crank stands since i got them used, but i do know that global truss t-bars fit on them, so they must be some sort of standard size.  Any tips?  I need something that works by the 9th because I sold my old light rig already...  (whoops?)


    This is the closest I've come to finding what I need, but this website is really short on info.  The only measurement they provide is that it's 8 pounds...   http://www.gearsource.com/catalog/listing/63015

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    Any welding shop could whip up a piece shaped like a Y.

    Shouldn't cost much.


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      If your clamps are slipping, a wrap of two of gaffers tape on the truss rail will fix the problem.

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        I think I've figured out a way to defeat this problem without buying any more gear, but I won't be sure until I can set everything up on Saturday.  I've discovered that my current truss mounts fit inside the truss, and If I offset the brackets that hold the truss chords, I can run the top of the crank up stand next to the "tip" of the triangle pointing down.  I'm a little worried that mounting the truss off-center like that will lead to some balancing issues, but with some modification, I can make it so the weight of the lights will be on the shorter side of the offset truss mount, effectively negating any leverage.  Also, I'm only mounting a total of 80 pounds to the truss, and it will be evenly distributed.

        I'll take tons of pictures on Saturday since this kind of thing is very difficult to describe with words.  If something looks sketchy, I hope people tell me the truth.  The last thing I want is for something to fail and hurt someone.