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Blizzard Lucid software??

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  • Blizzard Lucid software??

    Soooo... any blizzard representatives on here?  I just bought Eclipse, and now there's this new software from the same company that looks nicer and is comparably priced.  What's going on here?  I'm currently downloading Lucid to do a very thorough a/b test.

    Is Lucid more for architectural installations?


    I like Eclipse more than any of the other sofware I've been able to dowload for a test drive (dmxis, freestyler...).  I just don't understand why a company would need two products that are so similar.  I'm hoping that Eclipse doesn't get dumped by the wayside, leaving me with a $400 paperweight...

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    From a very brief runthrough of the Lucid software, it seems to be more for architectural lighting.  It's also not as easy to use as Eclipse.  I just wish Eclipse looked as polished as Lucid!