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Using Moving Head as Followspot

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  • Using Moving Head as Followspot

    Anyone ever tried using a moving head as a followspot?  I.E. one set up on a tripod next to the mix area and use a small custom-made joystick to aim up/down, focus, etc.?  Would be a nice idea for smaller shows... (To be honest, I just thought of that idea with the current band I'm working with, sitting in the "sound booth" and she's walking around with a wireless mic, dancing on the bar and such )

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    How about this:


    Hook up a control system so that you can wear a helmet, and the scanner will follow where you aim your head, like a helicopter gunship targetting system.


    OK, maybe that's a little extreme.  

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    • djiceman1575
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      With actual guns?  Ermm...I mean...'Merica.

      But really, I was thinking maybe something like a console game controller, some special software that controls the DMX faders for left or right movement, plus up and down, that way it's a bit user friendly.  Would be something nice to have, as opposed to a huge followspot on a 4x4 riser...

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    Once you have the height, it would basically be panning left and right. I don't think it would be too hard, with one. 2 could be tricky.


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      Is there anything that could be worn to make the moving heads follow it?