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Review of American DJ X-Move LED 25R

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  • Review of American DJ X-Move LED 25R

    I had a chance to use 4 of the American DJ X-Move LED 25R moving heads at a gig two weeks ago and thought I would give you guys a quick review.  I also attached a couple of pics, which were shot without haze.  The venue they were used in does allow smoking.

    Overall these little moving heads performed excellent.  I thought they were a little brighter than my Qspot 160 LEDs but didn't blow them away or anything like that.  I liked the fact that they had only one mounting bracket per light; made hanging them on the triangular truss a little easier.  Also made spacing them out on the truss much easier because I was not fighting the cross beams with two clamps.

    Size wise, they were extremely compact and small.  I think the manual says 12 lbs.

    Probably the best feature they had over my Qspots was the built in movement macros.  Unlike the Qspots which have built in programs that do not allow other dmx channels (such as speed) to be controlled during the program, the X-Moves movement macros still allow control of the other DMX attributes such as speed.  This made programming some various movements extremely easy and the results were great.

    These moving heads are also very affordable, I think my friend picked them up for about $365 each.

    A few negatives to note:  they do not have an on/off switch.  Not a big deal but just kind of took me by surprise that the only way to turn them on and off was to unplug them.  Also, they do not have a prism.  I guess they had to leave something out to keep the cost so low.  I use the prism on my Qspots all the time so I would miss that for sure. Finally, I thought the gobos were nothing spectacular and no glass gobos.

    But if your looking for some small affordable moving heads that are way brighter than you think they'd be, you might want to take a look at these lights.

    Rockn Rumours 1.jpg


    Rockn Rumours 2.jpg


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    Nice review.  I'm looking at these for my rig...if you had to choose, which would you choose in the long run?


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      Used the x-moves again this weekend and will update my prior post.  The first time I used them I had one light that was having small tilt issues; not lining up in some of the scenes.  I attributed it to a bad cable or possibly bad positioning on the truss.  This time I had one mover giving me tilt issues and another one giving me pan issues; they would be lined up when I programmed the scene but when I returned to that scene they would be slightly off.  Was driving me crazy, eventually I said F' it and just went with what I had.  That was Friday night.  Used my rig on Saturday night and as usual had no problems whatsoever.  The X-moves may be a little bit brighter than my Qspot 160's but I would not trade for them after this weekend.  The Qspot just feels like a heavier duty, more pro, fixture.  The Qspots were on the MF deal of the day on Sunday for $349 each so I purchased 2 more, probably just for backups in case something happens.  But who knows maybe 2 more vertical trusses are in order.