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Custom fit road cases for moving heads

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  • Custom fit road cases for moving heads

    I wanted to share with you guys what my band did to modify / customize road cases for our moving heads (Chauvet Q spot 160 LEDs).  We purchased two old, beat up, used road cases off eBay that we knew had enough interior space to be useful.  The exterior of the cases were cleaned up and painted.  We then purchased foam sheets and had them pre-cut to fit into the interior space dimensions.  We used thin plywood to create a template of the shape of the moving heads.  The template was used to cut the foam sheets to the proper sizes.  The properly cut foam sheets are then glued together.  Total amount invested to create each case (2 of them) is about $120 per case.  I just ordered another case to do the same for the other pair of movers; however, the case will not be a perfect match to the other two case, no big deal as long as the lights are protected.





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    Nice! That looks really good! I'm thinking of having something like this made for mine...

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      Where did you get the foam?

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        My singer could not remember where he purchased the foam. All he could tell me was it was "charcoal foam". I googled "custom foam for road cases" and several options came up. One of them was "reliable hardware". I have dealt with them in the past and they are pretty good. They have the foam sheets; don't know if they will precut them for you.

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      Very cool...and creative.  Nice job.


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        Dual QSC K12 case from Audiopile also works great for moving heads....  #justsayin