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I'm New here! Hmm,Is this LED Light good?

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  • I'm New here! Hmm,Is this LED Light good?

    Hi. Nice to meet all of you here. I wish to ask some advice from you folks here.

    I'd like use a simple to set up Led Lighting for my solo show for Weddings. This will be used for 1-2 Performers on stage only.

    I really need for it to be small, light and portable to set up.

    Can you tell me if anyone has experienced this LEd Light?




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    Those are decent lights for what they are and would surely give yoiu enough coverage for 2 people. The problem is that if your primary purpose is to light you and your partner (and this really should be your first priority), then you really want to have something with Amber.

    Good judgment comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgment. -Will Rogers


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      Thx MG! .png" alt=":smileysurprised:" title="Smiley Surprised" />

      What is AMBER? Is that a color ...or another type of Lighting?