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Moving Heads vs Scanners

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  • Moving Heads vs Scanners

    Anyone have an opinion on the arguement of moving heads versus scanners?  I'm still looking at 4-8 units for a standard lighting rig (as I've stated before) for DJ and live sound use.  I've been set on the ADJ XMove LED 25R, but lately I've been thinking about something like the Inno Scan LED from ADJ...

    The XMove LED 25R is more compact, cheaper, and more moveable, but not as bright... ($449 with a 25W CREE LED)
    The Inno Scan LED is a bit more expensive, not as moveable, but brighter... ($499 with a 50W LED)

    Anyone have some thoughts and opinions?  Or have any other suggestions?  I'd prefer to stick with American DJ, but if anyone has other possible options, let me know..

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    Anyone have an opinion on the arguement of moving heads versus scanners? 

    IMHO, scanners would be quicker to hang with one pair of hands...


    • nchangin
      nchangin commented
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      Moving heads look cooler, they have more space covered by the pan and tilt. However after doing this DJ thing a couple years I do know one thing, less to set up is crucial to set up time and effeciency. Like the last person stated scanners are easier and quicker to mount. I believe in the end probably less moving parts for a scanner vs a moving head.

      I like one bolt option vs two bolts options (or two clamps). If setup is not a factor for you obviously moving heads are probably "cooler" in my opinion.

      I am currently going to the mini moving heads as they are one clamp to mount to simplify setup time. For example I have two pin spots 360's and have two o clamps for each one which I could probably get by with 1 but those lights do move a quite a bit, so I'm changing from two 3 watt fixtures to two 7 x 10 W mini moving heads, so I'm going from a total of 6 watts to 140 watts, reducing 2 to 1 o clamp per fixture, brighter and better internal programs (sound active only)

      Also I think your going to have to ask yourself what your preference is and what you want to do with them in the future and beyond.

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    They look really cool.



    • Voltage55
      Voltage55 commented
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      If the scanners are brighter, then go with the scanners.  But....


      The led moving heads are getting pretty light nowadays.  Flying movers are the chore that they once used to be.


      Scanners are way more fragile.  I used to have to repair those damn things all the time.


      And yes....movers look way more cool.

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    Then what would you recommend for my application? I do t wanna wash out what I already have but something to compliment the show


    • BillESC
      BillESC commented
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      Chauvet's Intimidator series, 150, 250, 350 & 450.  Or Q-Spot 350

      ADJ's Vizi Spot or Inno Spot

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    Ill take a look at those then and see if I can find something that will work for us.


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      These are what I have, Martin Minimac Profile. I paid around this for them. They aren't LED, and there's no prism but I really like them. I would buy more but I already have 8 of them. They do have moving gobos and a 12-color color wheel.

      Martin Mini-Mac Profile Automated Moving Spotlight Good Working order Bulb OK




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        The videos look great!!! It's awesome to see the rig out there getting used! Mine still has only left the basement once with my band. Still working on cases. programming etc etc.


        Good on ya!!!


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          For me I was thinking intimidator 300's then I stumbled on those MiniMacs. I like them. A bit cheaper.

          I dunno.


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            I want a couple moving heads... Just have to be patient for the right deal. Wife wants to buy another 12 rgba pucks. She can rent them as up lighting and make it back over wedding season.


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              I know the feeling. I just picked up another four 3NX's which gives me a dozen for up lighting. All I need is a other four Fab5's and I'll have 8 of those, and it will fill all 20 slots in my light box.

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