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XMove with Puck Fab5


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  • XMove with Puck Fab5

    Been debating about a light rig of 16 Puck Fab5 used in conjunction with 4 ADJ XMove LED 25R's for a basic band and sound rig.  Are the 25W CREE LED's in the XMove's going to be enough to cut through the Fab5's?  I won't be using all 16 except for larger shows, but budget is tight, as always...

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    Nice mang!! I have a similar setup. With 11 3NX on the truss, 4 movers and 4 Fab5's on the band.

    Not sure about the XMove.

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      I end up dialing my 8 Q12s back to make my 60W scanners cut, when the scanners are using some of the weaker colors. I would expect the Fab5s to be stronger, and the XMoves to be weaker, than my setup.