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18 x 10w Quad Lens- Overkill?

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  • 18 x 10w Quad Lens- Overkill?

    I saw an 18 x 8w Quad Len Par in action...and it is really bright!


    I wonder should I go for the 18 x 10w instead? I am afirad it may be an overkill for a DUO act on stage. In any case...i will use 2 units as front Wash lights.


    Please advise? :-D

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    If it is too bright....can i use a DMX Controller to dim the lights?


    MY thinking is...better to have more BRIGHTNESS when I need it than not enough.


    • mate_stubb
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      You are way overthinking this. Go buy a pair of Blizzard Q6As.

    • digitalsound
      digitalsound commented
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      It would be bright, but yeah, you could use a controller to dim it. I have been checking out lights myself, and 7 x 15 w (fab5) is very bright to me.

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    PA Unity15's over LS800p's. YX15's, YX12's IPR power, RM32AI

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