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My little ole light system

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  • My little ole light system

    I've got my little system up and running. Instead of showing pretty pictures, I'm weird and will show assembly and wiring. " id="smiley" src="https://guitarcenter.i.lithium.com/i/smilies/16x16\_smiley-.png" alt=":smiley:" title="Smiley Very Happy" />


    I'm primarily a keyboard player, so I wanted light, compact, powerful, and versatile. Thanks to lots of help on this forum, here it is.


    2 back trees, each with 2 Scan LED 300s and 2 Q12+. The scanners come off on O clamps and everything is pre-wired.


    Front trees are short arms with 2 Q12+ each. These are also pre-wired. If I were to consider expanding, it would probably be here where I could go to a standard length bar.


    I use a dmx splitter for simpler wiring, and DMXIS for control. The hazer is currently just running on its timer.

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    Wonderful! I have wished that more people will post photos of their setup instead of merely posting photos of the lights in action.

    Wow...you are a Keyboard player...and you have this setup for yourself??

    Won't your other band members feel left out on stage? LOL!



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      Now that is one slick setup.  Very nice & compact rig design, showing that you don't need a big truss to have a nice rig.  Nice to see the wiring & setup so others can learn.  Definitely post some action pictures when you have it programmed!

      Professional Moving Light Technician and Lighting Director
      Author of the Basic Band Lighting Guide


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      Looks really good!!!


      • Chaff67
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        Great pics mate stubb. Very nice set up!

        A little OT but I have a question for you and our other light guys. I noticed in the pictures that you don't use any safety cables. For smaller set ups is it common not to use them? My light trees are pre-wired also. They are kept hanging in our trailer in between uses. Since mine are used for church services and it could be any of our many volunteers who sets them up, the bolts may not get inspected for tightness every week (although I do inspect them most weeks). I wrap the safety cables around all the par cans to catch them in the unfortunate event the bolts come off.

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      I'm planning on using them. I can make whatever length of cable I want, at work, rated for 1000lbs, but they aren't certified. The shortest ones you can buy seem to be 18" which is quite long if you ask me, and rated for 750lbs. But actually certified, which is better in my books.


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        mate_stubb, what are you using for front lighting?  (to light the band)

        BTW, the lighting looks awesome.


        • mate_stubb
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          EugeneTheJeep wrote:

          mate_stubb, what are you using for front lighting?  (to light the band)

          BTW, the lighting looks awesome.

          Take a look at my first post in this thread. There are 2 Q12+ fixtures on a short bar for each front corner.