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What DMX board for the cheapest price?

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  • What DMX board for the cheapest price?

    I'm looking for a cheap board to keep with me for large shows where I will have a "novice" lighting "tech" to run the lights for me.  Using Fab5's front and rear, and wanting to use each in 12 channel mode, so 24 faders without any fancy problems would be great.  Any recommendations?  I do have DMXIS but it's a lot harder to control the lights that way..

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    Obey 40?


    • BillESC
      BillESC commented
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      Obey 40 would be the least expensive board meeting your requirements.  Under $ 120 delivered.


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    Seeing as you already have DMXis... do you also own an iPad?

    If so, TouchOsc ($3) and a router ($20) and a few minutes to learn how to create the interface will also get you there. I can give you more details if you're interested (as could StratGuy22)

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      True. Or whip up a bunch of scenes and use a Behringer FCB1010 foot controller.


      • Chaff67
        Chaff67 commented
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        The iPad and FCB1010 controllers for DMXis from Mutha Goose and Stratguy are great ideas.

        I ended up using an MPD18 pad controller connected to my laptop. Just tap a pad and it changes scenes. I set it up so that any pad adjacent to what you just hit will compliment the current scene. I also set it up that static scenes are along the left side pads, then movement as you work your way to the right. The MPD has 16 pads and 3 banks so 48 scenes are available per DMXis bank. I found this to be a cheap set up (MPD is on sale right now for $78) and user friendly.