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Couple of pics from this weekend


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  • Couple of pics from this weekend

    I finally got a chance to mount the pucks on the truss for the first time.  Lots of compliments from other band members on how easily everything goes together.  I did a lot of planning for that exact reason.  From the van to set up and running in 30 minutes if I get some help carrying things in.  And it looks clean, too.  I did, unfortunately, discover that when the truss is loaded, it sags slightly.  I think the next thing to upgrade is the truss.  I'm at least the 3rd owner of the truss and crank stands in the pics.  It's seen better days, for sure.

    Also, broke out the Torrent F3s on Saturday.  We played a wedding dance in the lobby area of an art museum.  It's a huge, 3 story space with second and third floor balconies.  The band was tucked under an overhang, so I decided it was safe enough to set the torrents on the floor and a case behind the band.  It worked out pretty well, except that in this configuration, all of my programming was washing the ceiling instead of the floor.  It was nice to have them out of the cases and running though.


    One of these days I'll have my girlfriend shoot some live shots with her fancy camera...  maybe even video, now that the movers are in the mix.




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    Looks nice. I have to ask about the band name, however. Love it - I live in Helena, Montana (accent on the first syllable, btw). The local semi-pro ball club here gets regular suggestions about changing the team name to the Handbaskets.... Mark C.
    "Good tools are expensive. Cheap tools are damned expensive."


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      It's just a play on the phrase "hell in a hand basket". We aren't from Helena. That's a question we get asked a lot, actually.