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Work Lights as Blinders

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  • Work Lights as Blinders

    Anyone ever used some basic work lights (like these) for blinders on the cheap?  I'd like to pick up two to use at a show this weekend since they're really cheap...I don't think it would be too big of a deal.  They would be set up on a switch pack.  Thoughts?

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    I have heard of people doing this. Look for black ones, as yellow is not a good look for the stage, and mind the current draw.
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      They work great.  As suggested, look for the black ones.  I got a pair of black 250 watters at Lowe's a while back and they work great.  I'd stick to 250 watt units for current draw, heat, and to not blind the audience *too* much.  The ones that I got had a yoke between the light and the base that I was able to put a clamp on to.

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      • djiceman1575
        djiceman1575 commented
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        How big of a crowd would you use 250 watt ones on?  This show coming up will be pretty big...plus would something like a 150 watt work ok for front lighting?

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      Blinders, not front lighting.


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        We use work lights as blinders.  Since we currently don't have dmx control, they are plugged into a momentary switch pedal that the drummer controls.

        Here's a sample:



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