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    I am starting my Disco business, but I am new at this things. I have been suggested Focus Panther 330 for movinghead lighting robots. What are your thought about it ?Any of you have experience with it?  Can you check the product and give me your opinions ? Here is the product link:


    Thank you so much...

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    Looks like a cheap Chinese knockoff of a very high end light (Clay Paky Sharpy).  It does one thing & one thing only - narrow beams.  It also has a very expensive lamp (over $300 whenever you need to change it).  What are the sizes of your crowds?  There are a lot of LED units out there that can provide a similar effect.  They won't be quite as bright, but that unit is more designed for shows with thousands of people.  Those kinds of beam fixtures with high output discharge lamps can set things on fire if left pointed at things too close for too long.

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    • djart
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      We use 20 pcs Focus Panther 330 mini beam.

      the beam is best one.

      I check sharpy to Focus Panther 330, Focus Panther 330 is better than Sharpy.


      Focus Panther 330 extra spec: 3 faced prism  , gobo rotation, brightness is better than sharpy.