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Obey 40 or RGBW4C with Chauvet 4 Bar Mini 2.0's


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  • Obey 40 or RGBW4C with Chauvet 4 Bar Mini 2.0's

    Beginner's question:  (This is front lighting for a 3-piece classic rock/pop band)

    About to purchase 2 - Chauvet 4 Bar Mini 2.0's.  (Yes I know it will not be very bright - but we play relatively small venues and do not need alot of front lighting.)  They come with a very simple floor pedal.  Is it worth it to get a DMX controller (for example, to be able to vary brightness intensity), and if so which between the Obey 40 and the RGBW4C would you recommend?  We will not be running any chases; probably just simple color changes from song to song (if that much).  I know the Obey 40 can do more, but the RGBW4C looks simpler to operate.  We will not be buying additional lights for the foreseeable future:  We do have a psychedelic light show being projected behind us when space allows.


    Thank you all for your help with this.  

    (Sorry for dup post. I posted in Live Sound Forum 1st in error.)

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    Seriously do youselves a favor and spring for the 4bar Tris. Just a much brighter fixture for the band. Then you won't have to worry about upgrading, or wishing they were brighter.

    I'd just use the foot pedals included with them.

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      I totally agree. My 4Bar Tri's are incredibly bright, blinding almost, and I have a 6 piece band with one Tri on stage right (front) and one on stage left (front) both pointing back and in and each fixture in each of the units aimed strategically at the players.

      I also added a couple of COLORPallete's to the front center stage pointing back and down, but honestly, they seem like they are just window dressing at this point.