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yesterday's gig pics.


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  • yesterday's gig pics.

    ignore the lighting above the truss... that was provided by the venue and the light guy couldn't or wouldn't turn it off.  He did a good job of matching what our rig was doing so it was OK.  Front lighting also provided by the house.

    12 puck RGBAs and 4 torrent F3s across the back are mine.  And, of course, the requisite driver's seat pic...driver



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    Very colorful! A lot of beams going on! Using a fogger or hazer?


    • Red Hawk
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      we have a hurricane haze 2d that we ran briefly before we started playing.  The light guy at the venue saw that and went all in with whatever arena hazer he had up in the booth.  This venue is essentially open air with roll up doors on both side walls.  It looked like there was a bonfire going on in there all night, but it really made the Torrents pop.  I just wish he would have killed his backlighting...