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Uplighting with Bands attempted


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  • Uplighting with Bands attempted

    Instead of setting up rear truss (due to space constraints, it wasn't possible), I tried doing uplighting at two different shows.  First was a small blues band at a bar, and the other was a two-day church revival in a tent.  Neither venue really was set up to put a rear truss up without making things complicated and awkward.  I gave it a go with uplights, and had some pretty decent results.  The blues band, I used 2 Fab5's at the front on a very slow fade for front lighting, and used 6 Fab5's around the rear for uplighting.  The revival, I used 8 Fab5's on two T-bars for front lighting, and 6 across the rear of the stage.  During the day it didn't make a big difference but when the sun set a bit, it did make a nice effect.  Not blinding the crowd but enough to add to the musical effect.


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