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"Old School" lighting job


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  • "Old School" lighting job

    Had a bit of fun last night. I was doin' sound at an outdoor 6-8 gig. Turns out the park had an uncovered stage with ZERO lighting in the entire park . Our cars were parked off to the side so in the middle of a song I walked over, started up my car, backed out, and aimed my headlights at the stage from the side. Man did that bring back memories of the bad old days LOL. Band about freaked right out when I did that, thought I was takin' off LOL.

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    COL (Chuckle out loud.). Mark C.
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      Now THAT brings back memories... the old day of buying a keg, setting up in someone's field, cars for lighting, enough pickup trucks and you had a "stage" (1 person/bed)... impromptu party/gig... The good old days!

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        Damn, you must be older than I thought you were LOL.