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    With my new lights, I ordered a pair with 45 degree lens to use as a wash light. Where should I place these?

    My current set-up is 3 lights on a tree per side with 2 floating around the stage (usually going on the downstage corners). (see pic) The T-bar is balanced and the single light should be sitting at the front end of the speaker stack.

    Where should I place the pair of 45s?

    Previous set-up was 2 25 degree lights per side and hoped it was enough for the stage.


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    In the hole on the T bar.  The washes can set the background color while the 25's can spot the performers in contrasting color.

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      I didn't want to run 4 up top.

      The lighting stand sits behind the speaker stack; the way the spacing is, the single light reaches further out.