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Well the freebie gig is paying off.

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  • Well the freebie gig is paying off.

    The owner likes what she seen of my light rig. I'm booked for 2 shows, sound & lights.

    Christmas party for $700
    NYE for $1000

    We've worked together in the past. Most of the bands she brings have their own production. A few being a sound company from the city, various ones.

    She did a gig not too long ago, the band brought sound production from the city. Well they wanted to tear down that night. She had to stay there until 4am while the guy yelled and bitched at his helper. She had to cater the next morning and be up at 8, so she was exhausted.

    This is the same band she's getting for NYE, so I'm in for sound & lights. The Christmas party is for a company that gave her a $3000 budget. I quoted her $350 for sound, $350 for lights, bar price. Normally it's $500 for sound, $400 for lights. She asked if it was more because there's going to be a comedian and a band. I said nope, once I'm setup all that part of the work is done. Who you put up there is up to you.

    So that's good. Looking forward to the gigs. Also negotiated a lights only gig for a pretty decent band coming to town. Sound was $500 and lights start at $300 ($400 with all the movers). It's being put on by a non-profit arts society, and they usually have their own sound. Their usual sound guy won't be there but they figure they should be ok with what they have.

    So I'll provide the back truss with the 11 3NX's and the 2 Fab5's at the front. I'll be able to set up the night before at noon. Then I'll set up sound only in one of the bars and mix 4 bands that night. Then tear down that night, load out the next day. It would have been a lot more work doing lights & sound so it works out for me.

    I would be happy enough being their go-to light guy working along with their sound guy. Get the rig out there working, making money.

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    And I won the 50/50 draw the night of the freebie gig.

    $560 was my share, I donated $100 back to the cause.


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      Congrats. Nice to hear that it worked out. 

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    I never did. I was wiped out from the tooth pain, being on t3's all week. I could have had them all made but not enough time to do any programming.

    I have all the brackets/clamps made.