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Stupid cheap but surprisingly good effect light


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  • Stupid cheap but surprisingly good effect light

    I thought I'd stop by and give folks a heads up on a light I bought a few months ago that's turned out to be great. It's a cheap and all plastic effect light sold on ebay. It goes by the title of something like - DMX512 Disco DJ Stage Lighting Digital LED RGB Crystal Magic Ball Effect Light. It's around $30.

    The Bad

    - All plastic

    - Not mountable to a pole by default (you'll have to make something)

    - short power cord

    - permanent power cord

    The Good

    - The price $30

    - DMX or stand alone

    - Really bright (6, 3W LED's)

    - Can be used very close to a wall and still spread out nicely (see pics below)

    - stupid light weight.



    In these pics the light is behind the laptop screen to the right of the drums. It's angled at the wall.


    light 2


    light 3

    It looks like this


    light 4

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    This is the same light I used. Yes...I agree....excellent result on stage!


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      Just grabbed 2...


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        How do you set this thing to DMX mode A001 ? Tried that I must be doing something wrong.