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Planning to bolt some lights to my speakers

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  • Planning to bolt some lights to my speakers

    Speakers are Yorkville NX55P. Plan is as follows --

    • cut a piece of 1/2" plywood to roughly the same shape as the top of my speakers
    • bolt a 1" black pipe flange to the plywood with carriage bolts facing up. Countersink carriage bolts so the round part is flush with the board.
    • bolt plywood to speaker using the two top 1/4"-20 flypoints.
    • Screw 1" vertical pipe into flange
    • Paint everything black (semi-gloss?)
    • Mount Yorkville lighting T-bar on vertical pipe ( )
    • T-bar spec says it has 1 3/8"  (1.375") flange
    • 1" iron pipe OD is 1.315"

    Anybody see a safety or other problem with a setup like this?  Planning to mount two lights, an LED flood and a PAR38 can on each lighting T.  This is a for a bar band, small venue format.

    Would I be better off making my own T out of iron pipe that screws together, rather than using the Yorkville T-bar?


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    That should work just fine.


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    • Miko Man
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      My concern is more about the stabilty of the rig. The T-bar is steel, as is the vertical member, and thus add more weight "high and wide", especially if the light fixtures are mounted fully outboard on the T. Falling lights and speakers seldom add to the show (in a good way). Sandbag ballast might be needed, if somebody could fall/stumble on to the rig. (Is Murphy in the house tonight?) Mark C.

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    That is a good idea. However, you should follow a experienced person who have a lot of experience about this and make with successfully. Best of Luck.